Rooted in ashtanga

Raised in Experience

Ripened in Education

Taking away the hierarchy of postures, series, and practitioners, and the looming threat of injury and pain due to repetitive movement and postural exaggeration.

The DAY1YOGA method is taught within the same framework as the traditional Mysore style, meaning that there is one on one instruction and guidance, minus the strict, dogmatic adherence to the Ashtanga sequencing, but rather a practice that utilizes postural assessments and accommodates to each individual student’s particular set of needs, injuries, and biases. Considerations and teaching will include: short sequences of asanas; overviews for understanding why postural assessment is so vital for a healthy, safe and enduring yoga practice; anatomical explanations on functional movement within the yoga practice; optional therapeutic sequences for both mobility and strength.


Day1Yoga Presents

The Method:

  • Functional Movement through yoga Asana
  • Emphasizing strength and full range of motion resulting in neutral posture (not flexibility training).


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