Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to D1Y. Where should I begin?

If you are interested in handstand training and joining the program of live online classes, you must complete The Handstand Course located under the Courses section of the home page. Upon completion, most, but not all, participants then join the Foundations Drills class found under the Monthly Practice Classes section of the home page of the website.

If you are experiencing pain or injury from your yoga practice, postural dysfuncion, or any physical endeavors, register for The Complete 4 Pillars Course located under the Courses section of the home page. Upon completion of the 4 Pillars Course you can then register for a 1ON1 Postural Assessment or the Strethletic class. It is possible to join the live handstand training classes only upon completion of the 1st and 4th part of The 4 Pillars Course or The Handstand Course.

If you are looking for an efficient and effective method for strength training register for the More is Less Course located under the Courses section of the home page.

How do I know which class is right for me?

The Handstand Course is a pre-requisite to all live handstand training classes. If you are new or newer to handstand training, the best place to start is the Foundations class. If you are more experienced with handstanding and you are comfortable doing single leg entries/exits from handstand, tuck jumps, and all manner of push ups, and you are looking to hone your skills for press ups and controlled exits then the Skills class is a good place to start. If you are comfortable in at least Single Leg Press, Straddle Press, and beyond then any and all classes would be appropriate for you.

How do I know when classes start and stop?

There’s two ways:

1. Class dates are listed for each class on the website. (Classes like Stronger Together & Skills that meet 3x a week will always be 12 classes total, while classes like Foundations & Fast Track Skills that meet twice a week will always have 8 classes total.)

2. The other and far easier way to know and remember is that all classes begin and end (according to their scheduled days) on the 1st of the month and end on the 28th of the month. So ALL LIVE CLASSES take place within a perfect 4week/28 day schedule. Other than February, that means that there will always be a two or three days at the end of the month that are “off.”

Can you explain what the difference is between the Drills and Skills classes?

The Drills classes, both Foundations and Stronger Together, are handstand workout classes, there is a fitness element to the classes that are fun and challenging and you will definitely break a sweat. There are sort of like of CrossFit and Yoga had a Handstand Baby. Imagine if you were playing a sport like basketball; you would train both drills and skills. Drills would be like playing a scrimmage game with your teammates where as skills would be like shooting free throws. That is not to say that the Skills classes are not physically demanding, but it is very unlikely that you’d break a sweat participating in them.

What if I miss a day?

If you have joined a single class, such as Foundations, and for whatever reason you are unable to attend, you can email Dottie at [email protected] to request the recording. If you are a member you have automatic access to all live and recorded classes via your own personal access to a D1Y folder on Vimeo. 

Can I do a drop-in?

There are no drop-ins for live classes. All classes are a 4 week commitment.

What if I’d like to try a class prior to joining for a month?

You may access sample videos and classes, free of charge 

Day seems really tough. Is she mean?

Day is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. She looks tough, but since she has given up the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, she is warm, friendly, and accessible. If you knew her during her Ashtanga years, she sends her apologies. Now she practices tough love during coaching sessions, while still able to keep things light and fun. If you have any further questions, comments, doubts, fears, or whatever, she is available through registering for a Free 1ON1 Consultation on the home page of the D1Y website, via email at [email protected] or by WhatsApp +1-773-443-9636

How do I know if I am ready for Membership?

It is recommended for most people to do at least one month of Foundations classes before joining membership. If you are interested in doing more than 1 class, training 3x a week or more, or are needing easy access to all classes and recordings due to difficulty attending live classes, then Membership is right for you.

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