ACHIEVE: A Goal-Setting Course


Dates and Times:
* * Please note: Achieve: A Goal-Setting Course is a 2-Day LIVE workshop series(recordings are not available). The times below are listed as a courtesy to accommodate and acknowledge as many time zones as possible. As it is not feasible to list every country and city, please compare your city and country to the list below and plan accordingly.* *

Course Details:
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This is a 2-Day Goal- Setting workshop geared at writing, organizing, & prioritizing your goals so that you can maximize your output, budget your time, and ACHIEVE the most!

AUGUST 29, 30

  • Honolulu 7:00am
  • Anchorage 8:00am
  • Los Angeles 10:00am
  • Guatemala City 11:00am
  • Chicago 12:00pm
  • New York 1:00pm
  • Rio de Janeiro 2:00pm
  • London 6:00pm
  • Rome 7:00pm
  • Athens 8:00pm
  • Dubai 9:00pm
  • Mumbai 10:30pm

AUGUST 30, 31

  • Beijing 1:00am
  • Tokyo 2:00am
  • Sydney 3:00am
  • Auckland 4:00am